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Have you ever been in a room full of people but you still feel alone? Everyone around you is talking and laughing and you're just standing there..alone. Nobody will talk to you because the way you look, talk, or act? Yeah, I've been there my entire life. I don't fit in anywhere. My parents and family exclude me from everything. I sit and wonder ''whats wrong with me?", "why doesn't anybody like me?" Feeling neglected and depressed all the time because you're always so lonely gets tiring and old, really fast. The worst part is going to school, high school, and walking from class to class with your books in your hands and your face down, trying to hide from the world becomes a habit. Before you know you, you isolate yourself from everyone and everything. Then you sit in your dark room for days, you fall deeper and deeper into depression, then you start having suicidal thoughts. Next thing you know, you're swallowing 30, 40 pills. Writing out your letter to your parents. You think they wont care because they never talked to you anyways. All they did was yell and cuss at you, they didn't even try to make you happy. They are so selfish. You think that their lives would be easier because they say you are such a stress, they even put you on medicine because they think there is something chemically wrong with you. You keep having these thoughts run through your head, you instantly start to cry. You continue to write out to your parents, trying as best as you can to get your point across. But before you know it, your rushing to the bathroom throwing up every 5 minutes, youre body is throwing up all the pills you took. your parents rush to your room and find the note you left on your door for them, they read it and instantly start to cry, they run into the bathroom and see you in so much pain, they finally realize that what you are putting yourself through is mostly there fault. The word gets around school, people begin to feel sorry, maybe then you wont be alone in a crowded room.

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